[Tiếng Anh] Our Open Diary (Nhật Ký Mở)


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Re: [Tiếng Anh] Our Open Diary (Nhật Ký Mở)
conruoinho : I agree. It'll be very embarrassed. :">
Stupid question: What is LOL? :-/

My mother just gave me a late birthday gift. I was hoping it would be a new dress, because she said that i should buy new clothes the day before, but it wasn't. :(
It was an Oxford dictionary. A dictionary...
I thought it was a joke but it not. My birthday present is a dictionary. Can you beilive it? She said i will improve my English if i learn all 30.000 words in the dictionary by heart. My face was like :-o.
However, I thanks her a lot. It'll help me in my study.
Please forgive me if i complained so much. :D
Pray there wasn't any mistake... [-O<
LOL means Laugh Out Loud, just in case you havent got the answer yet. ;);)
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